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Whisky, Chemistry and me

When people saw my Instagram profile they often assumed that I often get wasted but truth be told I hate getting wasted. But I love cask strength whisky. Not for the alcohol content but the beautiful nuances it embodied. I suppose you can consider me as a lightweight whisky connoisseur. To be frank I had tried pushing the limit and got wasted but after that one time I threw up on a taxi and paid the price, I stopped pushing my limit.

For reference sake, two drink is done for me on a bad day. So, I am not really a great drinker. Sometimes, 3/4 of an Oz is all I will have for the night.

I may not always be able to finish a whisky flight. Luckily, whisky and words aka my favorite whisky bar in HK got me covered with with a half shot option whisky flight.

However as an average drinker, I adore whisky with or without the e. It is such a irony that I love the thing I am not great at but whiskey isn't the first thing that I love that I am not great at. One of the thing I rambled a lot is chemistry and sure I love it but academically speaking average is a very polite term to describe it.

What's more ironic is that the branch I love the most is physical chemistry. As a student of chemistry, my mathematical skills is awfully bad which is suppose to neutralize my love for physical chemistry. Nonetheless, I love it to the death. We all love thing that is hard to get, Isn't it ?

I love it so much to the point that I even used it to answer one question in a mid-term test of another subject which only got half the marks. However that incident do cause something intriguing which I guess you could say this story have a happy ending cause it turns out both me and the tutor who gave me half the mark are taught from the same lecturer. When she entered the classroom for a new semester after she gave me the half the marks on that question, she said I only remember Simon(me) and another student. At that point I was shock I hadn't spoke a word to her at that point. So I asked why and she said it's because I answered her test paper with physical chemistry instead of the thing she taught and asked who I learned it from. So I replied with the name of my physical chemistry lecturer and she said it's her lecturer too. What are the odds !?

My journey to physical chemistry is definitely weird. While my classmate is stressed for this subject as it can impact the academic path, this subject for me is just another graduation requirement cause my path at that point had already been set in stone to a less than prestigious institution. However this condition allows me to beat my geeky friend in mid term. For the record, just the mid term. It also gave me a chance to understand myself. In the path of furthering my grasp of physical chemistry, I realized I can do math, I just need to put into a little more work.

However like my inherent low tolerance of alcohol hindering my whisky experience, my physical chemistry performance is once again limited by my pre existing flaw. I am just a overthinker that let irrelevant thing get into my head and it is what happened in the final of physical chemistry. I screwed another final before my physical chemistry final. Since then, I just couldn't get my head straight to prepare for the final of physical chemistry. So the effort of conquering math don’t really showed on the final grade of this subject cause let one final screwed up another final.

Old habit die hard, what can I say🙂



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