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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”- Heraclitus

The great Walter White once said "Chemistry is, well technically, chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change." The study of change often provides insight to life. Chemical reactions are binded by laws of thermodynamics. The most profound wisdom of thermodynamics is nothing lasts forever suggested by second law of thermodynamics. Every bond can be broken if sufficient time is given.

Gold can be dissolved by aqua regia. Diamond, the pseudo symbol of eternity paddled by Debeer can be cut by laser or damaged if specific angle receives high impact.

On a side note tungsten carbide is a symbol of eternity that haven't been tainted by capitalism in my opinion. So get down on one knee with a tungsten carbide ring if anyone want to propose to a chemistry nerd.

Two years ago that day, I was at a dinner drinking port. So a port barrel finished whisky seems to be a great way to celebrate all the changes in this two years. Good drinking excess, right ? All of the changes are one way or the other initiated by the formation and breakage of a social bond.

Before that social bond is formed, I am just an introvert that love whisk(e)y. And most of the whisk(e)y I drank is either from my dad's shelf or brought it myself from a liquor store. I am not a bar hopper by any stretch of imagination. Since that social bond is broken I started to go to bar much more frequently. If you look at older post, most of them are taken in assembly which is a great place for food and cocktails by the way. The reason for that is because Assembly is the one bar we went after that poor maker's mark incident. And I had the maker mark old fashioned in assembly which is just too unforgettable considering the fact that I just have a maker's mark pour that is butchered by a poorly educated bartender. If I am being honest, the Instagram page was started out as a reconciliation of such social bond being broken. I just kept on taking pictures and writing bullshit when I was sitting at Assembly, reminiscing that social bond. As time goes on I am not just a regular in Assembly. I became a barfly and went to more and more bars. Hence, the page content kept on updating . Finally, I decided to run a blog cause the page is not enough for my bullshit.😂 How crazy can time do to one person ?

Before having that port barrel finished whisky, I went to a steak restaurant and I suppose the idea of having a blog was sparked by the owner of the restaurant. I had thought of doing that before but I don't that a lot of motivation before having that conversation with the owner. The owner of that restaurant is really welcoming and strive for providing the best experience for his customer. Before I went in, I was standing outside and checking the menu. Then, He came out and explain the menu to me and said his place will definitely do better steak than the restaurant across the street. At that time, I was kind of surprised by his passion. While I haven't tried the stake from across the street, the stake from Le Moment is definitely one of the best I ever had.

Going back to the conversation that motivated me to run a blog. It all started when he ask for what water I want to have. And I saw the whisk(e)y collection on the counter is quite unique so I thought they may do cocktail. Hence, I asked for some bitter in my sparkling water. And he is confused by such choice and I said the one used in old fashioned. Then, He said let me check and ran off to anther establishment. He came back with a bottle of Angostura bitters. Later on, when he brought the stake to me, he ask if I was a magazine writer or not. At that point, There is only three characters in my head" WTF". I wish I was one so I can just eat and drink all the cool shit without paying and write pretentious article at work. At that moment, I decided to give the blog a go. I already have a Instagram page, why not take it to the next level with a blog. By the way, I was having Larceny in that glass.

Nonetheless, time takes a toll on everything. Something breaks, something emerges.


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