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Maker's Mark, the starting point

It's the bottle that leads me to the path of whisky(e)y. I still remember the image that popped into my head when I was tasting it alone in my room. Honey raisin, honey raisin. Before that image, My tasting note is pretty general, all I will say is oak, sweetness, spice.

After I finished that bottle, I am occasionally craving that bottle. Especially after I heard the story from the Whiskey Vault. Then, I finally got the chance when I visited a dive bar with my girlfriend at the time. But it turned into one of the most unpleasant drinking experience I had.

We sat down. The bartender/ floor staff brought the menu to us. Being a whisk(e)y nerd I immediately turn to the whisk(e)y section. Then I saw Maker's Mark, ≈$200.(can't remember the price exactly) I was thrilled cause I finally got the chance to revisit Maker's Mark. ≈$200 is pricy but at least my craving can be eased and maybe I can get a fat pour.

Oh boy, oh boy. I was so naive.

I ordered a Maker's Mark neat. That bartender brought me a glass of Maker's Mark with chips ice. Being someone that's not picky about food, that's the only time I got angry over food. I can't believe someone can do such a monstrosity to a wonderful product like Maker's Mark. There is no reason for him to do that, I mean even he misheard the order, how could he put chips ice to a well crafted spirit. It's a disgrace.

However, being an introvert and scared of someone is gonna to spit into my drink if I returned it, I pressed my anger down and said to myself taste it first. Wow, that guy probably pour water for it to look great in the double old fashioned glass.

After that monstrosity visited my mouth, I was shit face for the entire time. And because I was shit face, she got angry. " Why do you enjoy having drink with your friends but not me ?" Then I got to explain the whole thing to her.

So now, I got a bad drink and explaining to do. It's definitely the most unpleasant drinking experience I had.


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