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An immature story of GlenDronach 12

Red is the theme color of GlenDronach 12's packaging. As a red blooded Asian, red is the color of my face when I have two to three drinks. Needless to say, I am a light drinker. However, It didn't stop me from loving whisk(e)y. To quote laws whiskey house,

Quality over quantity, whiskey above all.

I always make the suffering worth it so I abhor bad drinks, like bad ice in fine whisky. It honestly struck a nerve for me. Behold, an essay to condemn one bad drink. 魚與熊掌

I always try my best to avoid drunk/puke cause it's a hassle to clean up and I just want the whisky in my body for a little longer. But you know, peer pressure, I got knackered sometimes. Btw be a decent drunk, prepare a container for your puke if you know you hit your limit.

Beside of puke, Being drunk also give me impulse to do other things. Like any other millennials/ Gen Z, drunk text is no stranger to me. I still remembered my first drunk text. Once upon a time, I was texting back and forth with a girl. And one night, the conversation took a weird turn where I had a gut feeling that if I want to salvage the conversation, I have to open up about myself. So I typed an essay like text and wondering should I press send or not. Then I saw the GlenDronach 12 on my dad's shelf. So I got myself a shot of that. I said to myself "here it goes nothing" and pressed send. I can still remember that after taste in my mouth, the fading sweet fruit with a tinny bit of spice.

Being someone who watched too many rom coms, I was already imagining myself telling her that story. We did got together for some time but it wasn't long enough for me to tell her that story. The sorrow fostered a weird pact with myself.

Never to enjoy GlenDronach 12 neat any more.

I had since brought it as gift for my friends when it is still under 400 HKD but rarely drink it. If my memory serves me right, there is only one time I broke this pact which is because a bartender offered me that. But I took it as a shot so it is probably fine. Other than that, I drank that on the rock or in a cocktail.

The drink on the left is a boulevardier made with GlenDronach 12 and Peychaud's Bitters. Quite a interesting twist on boulevardier.


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