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Date and drink seems to be the two thing I can't do at the same time. I don't smoke but I drink (socially). I have Asian flush but I got enough experience to deal with those two thing on their own. However, the universe just decided for me that I can't have both of those things together. Whenever I am on a date, my drink is gonna sucks. In Chinese, there is a saying “You can’t have both the fish and bear claw.’ Date and decent drink is my fish and bear claw.

I went on a date recently. On that date, I asked for the drink menu when I finished my first drink. I was thinking to get some cheap whiskey on the rock. For socializing, I usually go for some easy options. A easy drink will allow me to focus on the person without any distraction.

So, I went on with my order. But everyone I tried it is out of stock. Jack Daniel, NO. Jim beam, the delivery is tomorrow.

At this point I was frustrated, I just wanted to get back to the conversation ASAP and I saw the guy at the bar just kept waving the Talisker 10 to me. Not gonna call him a bartender cause he ain't worthy for this title

Fine, I will take the bait, I said to myself. "On the rock ?" He asked. "Yeah" I said.

I just wanted to get back to my lovely date. Little do I know, shit is about to happen. My Talisker 10 is in TUBE ICE, I mean those in iced lemon tea in 茶餐廳. WTF. Are you serious? I said on the rock not pebbles.

So I am just all kind of pissed. I took a deep breath and went back onto the chat but every sip of my Talisker 10 tasted more broken than the last sip "Thx 2nd law of thermodynamics" So I decided to pull the plug before it is all broken.

I ended the drink and in retrospect I may also ended the date there, Even through we went to the movies afterward.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is GOAT

She asked why the rush? At this point I couldn't stop myself anymore and went on a rant about how the ice destroyed the whisky and going so far as mentioning thermodynamics.

The ideal whisky on the rock like the one on the left is a rabbit hole that cannot be easily summarized. Google it yourself if your WFH offer is still valid. Some may oppose to the idea completely, some said just drink faster. In my opinion, a big rock ice (clear is the best) should be used cause it can act as a stirring spoon. Swirling the glass and the rock will make the drink homogenous which is impossible with pebbles, unless you stick your finger to stir the pebbles which is GROSS AF.

This incident isn't even the 1st time I got a bad drink on a date. There was one time


I ran into a LEGIT BARTENDER, one that I know for a while ago. I told him the story and said to him that I should probably dial down my whisk(e)y obsession so as to have a proper date. He told me it is the problem of the 'bartender'. If he was there he will explain to the guest having it neat is better cause the ice there isn't that good.

As Zendya in Spiderman: No Way home said “If You Expect Disappointment, Then You Can Never Really Be Disappointed.” This will be my attitude for exploring new place for drinking now.


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