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Glendronach 21, Maturity

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

21. In the States, that's the legal drinking age. In HK, the drinking age is 18. So by the time of 21, you are ought to think about more serious stuff, like how they are gonna own a place for themselves. Nonetheless, 21 in Hong Kong don't really have a lot of room for borderline irresponsible behavior. It is a sign of maturity like a whisky. And I brought the glendronach 21 for the very same reason in a sense last year. Firstly, I saw it was on sale for about $1280 HKD. Given the fact that 12 is a very memorable bottle for its fantastic taste and the story behind it. However, the story of glendronach 12 had ran its course, the 21 seems to be a perfect bottle to buy as a sign of moving on. So I made a financially responsible decision, and bought it, freaking mature.

After finishing that bottle I fell madly in love with Glendronach. As it got more characters in comparison to other sherry cask whisky, the light spice and smoke make the sweet finish lingers. So I brought it again. It is also a mature decision cause I heard from the liquor store staff saying Glendronach is increasing their price next year.


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