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Le Moment

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you will get. Forrest Gump

This is the best quote for my experience with Le Moment. The first time I visited this restaurant is purely for the purpose of getting some food in my stomach before drinking.

And, Yes, I plan my routine based on drinking rather than the other way around, Bite me.😉 So until I tried their food, I only considered that as a stop before visiting my favorite whisky bar.

On a side note, Whisky and Words is hella nice. That place deserves another post which will be coming soon, I guess.

Back to the box of chocolate, the food at Le Moment out performed my expectation. The salad is mixed with few slices of green apple which cut through the richness of olive oil. ( That's the photo from the last post, I don't take photo of everything every time I visited .)

The steak is properly seasoned and perfectly caramelized. And usually I am a no sauce on steak kind of person but the yellow mushroom sauce just makes me break my rule. It is rich and creamy in a way that is wonderfully balanced with the steak rather than burying the flavour of the steak. The mashed potato is smooth AF.

The doneness is consistent throughout the whole steak. A edge to edge medium rare down to the last two bites.

They choose a dark chocolate in the box for the chocolate cake which makes the cake have a nuance bittersweet flavour profile and pair perfectly with the vanilla ice cream.

One more great thing about Le moment is that the drink selection there is great. The owner is passionate about beer and wine and of course he even got some nice whisk(e)ies on the shelf. I means whisk(e)y makes everything greater, right ?😉 If you want a nice meal with a good drink, Le moment got you covered. Don't be fooled by the beat up look of the restaurant.


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